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Stefanos' Brunch

24/04/2014 в 17:47 PUBLISHDBY adult


A lavish brunch followed by a play party featuring local BDSM players.
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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

24/04/2014 в 17:35 PUBLISHDBY adult


Chloe Camilla is brand new to porn - she just had her first shoot ever with Hogtied a couple of weeks ago - but already you can tell this girl has it. The face of an angel paired with the body and mind of a filthy whore. This girl is definitely our cup of tea.

We bind Chloe kneeling on a rotating wooden device, with her round ass pushed far out. Her ankles and wrists bolted down with metal, and that sweet little face peeking over the top. We staple her big hoop earrings to the top of the wood, so she has to hold her head up or they will rip her lobes. This position may not look it, but it's very stressful. It takes a lot of energy for her to hold her body in that in-between position and the spinning is disorienting.

We quickly cut her out of that dress and flog her ass to a nice rosy red. She begs us for an orgasm so we break out the Hitachi for a minute, but we don't let her cum just yet. We cane her feet, ass, and bald blond pussy hard. She's still begging to cum, but we think she can work a little harder to earn it. We clamp down tight on her pussy lips and weight them. Then we fill her wet cunt with a dick and turn on the Hitachi. Chloe's pink ass jiggles as she works to get that orgasm, and her body shakes violently as it rips through her. Thoroughly satisfying.
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SD Teaches Claire Manners

24/04/2014 в 16:57 PUBLISHDBY adult


Sister Dee owes Claire Adams a bit of punishment. The last time they met Claire was a little rude and SD is going to teach her some manners. Normally Claire can keep her composure but under the cruel cane that Sister Dee wields that will be harder than ever. She wants to break this bitch in as many different ways as she can come up with and each time will be sweeter than the last.

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Italian bodybuilder is used and humiliated at a public bar.

24/04/2014 в 16:41 PUBLISHDBY adult


Fabio Stallone is blindfolded and strapped to a cart. They wheel him into a busy neighborhood bar. John Magnum gropes the boy and orders everyone to take off Fabio's clothes. They love his muscular body and his fat 9 inch uncut Italian cock. Fabio is made to crawl around presenting his smooth muscular ass. They all eat his ass and shove their dicks into his mouth and ass. The poor stud is flogged into submission and John makes Fabio worship his stinking feet. The exhausted boy receives another hard gang bang. They all shower him with their hot loads and dump their ice cold drinks all over his naked body.
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The Sarge meets Mia Bangg

24/04/2014 в 16:21 PUBLISHDBY adult


The Sarge drops by to play with the beautiful Mia Bangg. Lucky guy the Sarge. Sexy submissive Mia, makes delightful noises as the Sarge hones his craft on her. Tight, unyielding crotchropes, a signature of the Sarges style, highlight this shoot. I LOVED the dunking scene in the curved tank, where Sarge throws Mia around like a rag doll. Hot stuff! Thanks to them both for a great WB update!
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The ab predicament and the upside down orgasms

24/04/2014 в 16:20 PUBLISHDBY adult


This is Part 2 of 4 from the November live show.

Skin gets hoisted into an inverted suspension with her arms chained to the wall. Lyla is mounted to a fuck box with metal restraints with her legs hanging off the edge. Lyla's feet are tied directly to Skin's neck. Let the games begin.

The black clips are placed all over their tight bodies. There nipples are made plump with suction. Lyla's abs weaken and inherently choke Skin. The orgasms roll in while the struggle continues.
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