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Bondage video

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With a look of total helplessness is in her eyes, she begs with out saying a word, that is magic.

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Welcome back Lily LaBeau, this former runway and fashion models is as beautiful and sexy as they come.

Not a lot to say that the picture doesn't say for us. Lilly is simply bound spread and impaled on the most powerful vibrator in the world. We leave her there until we feel she might actually pass out. She begs and pleads with her eyes, but we do not let up. The machine never gets tired and makes Lilly cum so many times her sight begins to fail her and her mind begins to shut down.

Total and complete helplessness to a level Lilly has never before experienced. She was stunned at how easy the machine made her cum, and how impossible it was to fight against it..
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Tyler Saint vs Ethan Hudson

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Huge muscles, a massive dick and powerful wrestling skills... Tyler Saint has them all. He's been know to take down his opponent hard and fuck him even harder. Newcomer Ethan Hudson is equally matched in size but has a definite age advantage and he's gonna use that to wear Tyler down and then make him his little bitch. Will Tyler be able to keep up with Ethan and use his experience and skills to remain on top or will Ethan kick Tyler's hard muscle ass and then fuck it in victory?
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The Next Level: Extreme Anal Queen!

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Proxy Page and her amazing ass hole give us a very extreme and incredibly sexy scene with Francesca Le! This girl loves anal sex and enjoys pushing her limits to the next level. She loves the fullness and strong sensation of a fist fucking her ass and manages to just about fit two whole fists inside. Proxy's ass swallows up our largest plugs and dildos which make her gape extra wide. A giant speculum spreads her open for the extreme medical fetishist. Finally, Francesca administers an enema which gives us a full stream of clear water expelled from this great ass!
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Slave Training Lily LaBeau Final Day Live

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Total Domination

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Nikki is an up and coming model who is slowly becoming one of the toughest in the industry. Her sexy toned body begs to be tormented, her pussy craves to have orgasms taken from it, and her screams verify that it is being done properly. Watching her helpless body try to is arousing, and inspires me to torment her as well as rip many orgasms from her willing cunt. The predicaments are unforgiving and her body weakens as she tries to settle in to the rope, only to find that the ties progressively get more grueling as the day goes on.Escape is not an option, pain is mandatory, and the suffering is guaranteed.
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Companion Bitches

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Cherry Torn and Tia Ling make suitable companion's as they undergo Harmony's strict yet incredibly sexual domination. This is an exciting shoot from start to finish with lots of punishment, great bondage and anal sex!
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