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Hot For Teacher

23/10/2014 в 16:49 PUBLISHDBY adult


If you're a foot fetishist you're in for a treat. If you're a dirty, masturbating pervert in need of heavy punishment you will relate. If you ever wanted to get fucked in the ass by two of your sexy, sadistic teachers this is the answer to your fantasy. Nomad's caught masturbating in the student bathroom and filthy fucking perverts like him who spread their filthy seed all over the academy need to be punished. Thankfully, for us, Mistress January Seraph and Mistress Dragonlily are the type of teachers you always wanted to fuck. Nomad's no different and needs a punishment! Heavy spanking, caning and CBT are all included along with copious amounts of foot tease, a foot job, ass worship and strap-on ass fucking! Somehow you get the feeling that despite all the humiliation this smutty pervert would do it all again just for the chance to fuck these smokin hot teachers!
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Claire Adams Does Sabrina Sparks!

23/10/2014 в 16:46 PUBLISHDBY adult


Clever, clever Claire Adams does a number on our hapless heroine Sabrina Sparks. First up, Claire teaches sexy, petite, submissive Sabrina some of the finer points of giving a blow job. Claire, ever the patient teacher, enforces her points quite well. Obviously oral makes Sabrina hot, so Claire cools her off with some delightful ice play in the next scene. Sabrina must have had some dirty thoughts in that scene since Claire decides to clean up the red head with a wickedly stiff brush and lots of foamy soap in scene 3. Lastly, Claire pulls off yet another amazing suspension and tops it off by bringing "Wet Dreams" into play. Did Sabrina get rewarded for all her hard work? I think the second to the last pic says it all. Lets give both of these terrific ladies a big round of applause for their wet and wonderful work at
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SUMMER VENGEANCE TOURNAMENT: The Match we Have all Been Waiting For!!!

23/10/2014 в 16:12 PUBLISHDBY adult


I don't know about you guys, but of all the matches in the Summer Vengeance Tournament this is the one of have most been looking forward to! Bella "The Annihilator" Rossi, ranked 5 vs Yasmine "The Lighting Bolt" Loven, ranked number 10. Yasmine may be new to US but she is one of the most naturally skilled wrestlers I have ever seen on the mat. Her strength combined with her natural intuition as to how to take an opponent down and keep herself out of holds makes her a perfect match for "The Annihilator." Not ot mention she is strong as hell! The Annihilator hardly needs any introduction. Her name says it all. Brace yourself, this is going to be one hell of a match!!!!
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The Killer (3-1) Ranked 6th Blondie (0-1) Ranked 12th

23/10/2014 в 15:52 PUBLISHDBY adult


The Killer (Bobbi Starr) is the best new wrestler Ultimate Surrender has. After losing her first match, she is undefeated. She has wrestled all ranked opponents. She is fast, strong and very determined. Every match she become even more dangerous.

Blondie (Sarah Jane Ceylon) is a scrapper, she is tough, and is slowly learning herself. We look for big things from her down the road. However not today; today she get her ass handed to her, made to submit 4 times and brutally fucked for losing. Winning has its privileges.
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23/10/2014 в 15:43 PUBLISHDBY adult


Dragonlily is one of the most exotic and beautiful Asian models on the net. Even better, Dragon truly loves bondage and all BDSM activities. She is a switch: an amazing Domme PLUS a perfect submissive, not to mention a hellcat Ultimate Surrender wrestler. Flexibility, toughness, and being multi-orgasmic make The Dragon the perfect subject for Hogtied. She can cum from dildos, fingers and /or vibrators, it doesn't matter. She is just helpless to stop from cumming when she is bound. Toss in a category 5 suspension and you have this weeks update.
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Brand New Girl Gets Tied up, Gangbanged, and Dp'ed all for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!

23/10/2014 в 12:29 PUBLISHDBY adult


Please welcome Nicole Ryder, a brand new face at and a relatively new girl to the industry in general! Today you get the special treat of seeing her FIRST experience being BOUND for sex, her FIRST GANGBANG, and her FIRST DP, ever!!!!!! Total amateur hottness!!!
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