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Marc Dylan - The Bodybuilder

26/11/2014 в 16:19 PUBLISHDBY adult


Marc Dylan's physique defies convention. With his rolling biceps, cut abs, and huge cock it's almost enough to make you forget about his bright smile and boy-next-door charm. We tie him to the sawhorse, blindfold him, and cut his clothes off. His cock gets hard and he flexes his muscles as he's edged. In the next room we tie his arms back and bring him to the brink of cumming once again. With his cock still throbbing, Marc is suspended for the first time and endures the flogger over his entire body. Hogtied, we cane his ass and feet, pushing him farther than he thought he could go. The stud is spread out on a table in bondage. His muscles roll and flex around his body as he squirms from the intense cock stroking. Finally after a long session of extreme edging, he blows his hot load all over his muscle.
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26/11/2014 в 16:06 PUBLISHDBY adult


Nurse TJ is abducted by the mental patient Liz and subjected to her erotic electro-shock therapy.
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Jack Dragon

26/11/2014 в 15:28 PUBLISHDBY adult


Kitti Vicious and Kym Wilde

26/11/2014 в 14:17 PUBLISHDBY adult


Kitti Vicious is humiliated and punished in her jail cell by Matron Kym Wilde.
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Sex in The Slaughter House

26/11/2014 в 12:05 PUBLISHDBY adult


Noah Brooks is the entertainment for a group of horny men as he's led around by Spencer Reed looking hot as ever. They rip the clothes off the innocent Noah and expose his milky white ass right away. They slap the boy around as he blows the crowd. Spencer throws him on the bondage board and fucks his ass while he's suffocated with a plastic bag over his head. Next is the electric butt plug, loads from the audience and a gang fuck in the medical chair. The crowd demands more so Noah is covered in clothes pins and hosed down before getting a nasty public enema and shooting it on a lucky onlooker. The boy is cum on by everyone to the cheers of the audience.
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Mei Want To Submit

26/11/2014 в 11:50 PUBLISHDBY adult

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