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Star is Caught Up

17/09/2014 в 09:10 PUBLISHDBY adult


Claire Adams has Star hung up in the middle of the room, nice and tight and ready to beat like some sort of a pussy pinata. Since no candy is forthcoming this is going to be a very long and painful day for her. Claire is not the type to quit just because she did not get the results she wanted the first time around. Star is going to put out, one way or another. Claire will make sure of it.

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Cock Service Salon

16/09/2014 в 15:51 PUBLISHDBY adult


When newbie slave Coral Aorta is put in charge of the senior slave Beretta James, Beretta has all night to plot her revenge on the nubile plebe. The pair of house slaves are tasked with maintaining tonight’s Upper Floor Cock Service party and given specific orders to start out the night:
- Fluff the Featured Performance of Veruca and Mickey Mod’s sex scene by keeping the cock hard and the pussy wet all night
- Keep the trays of food and beverage circulating on schedule
- Engage the house guests in the evenings activities.
They start out with their nipples clamped and a vibrator on a tray. The first slave to convince a house guest to give them an orgasm gets their clamps removed. Guess who wins?

As the night progresses the guests are turned on by the hot fucking and sucking of Veruca and Mod. The guests’ dicks and pussies come out, and the room fills with BDSM and sex. The bartender admits that she cannot help but orgasm uncontrollably when her nipples are played with, so everyone suddenly wants to tip the bartender’s tits!

Beretta is berated by the newbie Coral all night, and takes all the punishments for both slaves infractions throughout the night. As Veruca experiences her 31st orgasm, the night begins to draw to a close. But not before Beretta turns the tables on Coral in a hot strap-on scene. With the help of beautiful and bootyful Penny Barber, Coral is fucked into submission, and Beretta reclaims her role as senior slave on the Upper Floor.
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Cravings of a 19 yr old College Cutie

16/09/2014 в 14:17 PUBLISHDBY adult


Kiki is strung up like the catch of the day she is. So cute, it makes you want to destroy the smile on her face. Her hair is tied off to the ground, so she gets her hair yanked any time she jerks around. Her supple body feels as good as it looks. The vibrating on her pussy blends into the screams from the whip. Time for more.

Kiki is thrown on her back like she is used to, ankles and hands bound above. All access entry. Her nipples are pinched tight. Her pussy waits anxiously. A paddling assures that an ass always looks better red when a cunt is hungry. I get my hands in her and make her squirt.

Her wet cunt needs to dry off so she doesn't make a mess on my set. I strap her in a straight jacket, unable to touch her wanting cunt. She doesn't get to choose when she is pleasured. Dances and prances with every strike of the cane. After getting her blood going, I take my time applying a zipper of the black vicious clips. The wait is always worse than the bite. She is finished off by smashing a vibe onto her clamp covered pussy. Mind over matter at this point, she has to earn this orgasm.
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Big Breasts, Big Mouth, Big Orgasms

16/09/2014 в 12:05 PUBLISHDBY adult


Busty Annika learns the ways of rigid bondage.

She is stuck in doggy by wooden stocks. Her knees hard pressed and her weight on her wrists and neck. While the position wears her down, the hard caning ramps her up, only to be ass fucked into a strangulating orgasm .

Bent back and metal strapped down, the unsuspecting soon to be pain slut is arched and spread. Her neck is chained and pulled back, restraining her from seeing what's about to happen to her. The zipper is methodically placed onto her sensitive skin and viciously ripped off to create an explosive orgasm.

With her mouth filled with an over sized bit gag, Busty Annika is lifted off the ground by the sybian. Her ankles are locked tight, pulling her pussy onto the vibrating machine and the nipple tuggers accentuate her big breasts. She is immobile and relentlessly vibed into a pouring sweat.
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Gavin Waters & Nikko Alexander vs Trent Diesel & Matthew Singer Live Audience Tag Team Match

16/09/2014 в 11:47 PUBLISHDBY adult


Gavin Waters and Nikko Alexander take on Trent Diesel and Matthew Singer in a brutally hot balls-to-the-wall tag team match in front of a live audience this week on NK. These four big dicked muscle studs have all proven their wrestling skills and earned top spots on the NK feeding chain. Now they fight it out for the right to totally humiliate, dominate and fuck the losers in front of a cheering crowd of their fans. Who will proudly come out on top and who will be on the bottom and have their hole violated and pounded?
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16/09/2014 в 11:42 PUBLISHDBY adult


The higher I cranked the electricity, the harder she'd cum. Babydoll loved every moment of teasing, pleasing and torment that I dished out. I pumped the elctrode in and out of her to make her cum even harder, then I used a sound activated stim to make her lick my pussy, after all that I combined the e-stim, fuckingmachines and cattleprod to send her through the roof.
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