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The Adjustment of Wolf Hudson: Episode 1

30/10/2014 в 17:56 PUBLISHDBY adult


Divine Bitch: Mistress DragonLily
Worm: Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson and Maitresse Madeline have history. Last year Madeline hit a cord during a training session with Wolf which left him raw and exposed. Maitresse decides to allow him to be one of the first male submissives to go through training with the Divine Bitches in order to be eligible to serve on the prestigious Upper Floor. Maitresse calls upon DragonLily the "exotic temptress" to assist in Wolf's adjustment. DragonLily is drop dead gorgeous and knows how to use her sensuality to her advantage. She teases Wolf with her beauty and pussy only to deny him access. She expertly trains Wolf through three goals first by plugging his ass, then flogging and caning him, making him worship her delicious asshole while she gets her pleasure and finally fucking this stubborn slut in the ass. Strap-on ass fucking is something this submissive has somehow avoided during his other training sessions and Maitresse decides it's about time he get fucked! Watch as Wolf takes a big cock in his ass just to make Maitresse and DragonLily happy. This episode will have all foot fans in a frenzy, it includes foot worship, shoe worship, strap-on ass fucking, ass licking and ass worship!

Don't miss all of Wolf's episodes with the Divine Bitches! Come back and see the next Divine Bitch continue his training and find out if he has what it takes to serve Maitresse again and make it to The Upper Floor.

Maitresse's evaluation


Attitude Adjustment

-adjust cocky pornstar attitude

Anal Training

-learn to take the cock of a woman anally

Foot and ass worship

-learn proper body worship

Attitude was slightly adjusted with flogging, caning and humiliating ass fucking. Left with a much more humble attitude. Needs further drilling in order to improve proficiency with anal fucking. Greedy with foot and ass worship but room for improvement and shows enthusiasm.
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I'll have my Salad Tossed please Alice Frost

30/10/2014 в 17:33 PUBLISHDBY adult


Bella Rossi
"The Annihilator"
Lifetime W/L (8-3)
Season Record (1-1)

Alice Frost
"The Killing"
Lifetime W/L (2-0)
Season Record (2-0)

Spoiler alert! Bella wins. Surprising I know. Alice has been improving as she spends more time on the mats. Today she tries really hard not to give up the pussy. She locks her legs closed and gives Bella a hard time. Bella is bored with this cake walk of a match and we see a rare mean streak come out. She goes for 3 leg scissor submissions and gets them. After the first submission we see Alice's demeanor change a bit. She realizes she's in for a working over like she's never had at U/S before. She feels a pressure she's never known and it takes a toll on her mentally from the get-go. This match is a fascinating mental game. Sure we knew Alice was going to lose to Bella but we had no idea what a toll those submissions would have on Alice. She"s sick of losing now; she wants to win. After feeling the power of Bella's thighs, she's totally inspired. Alice wants that power. We predict she will be back stronger than ever in her next match.

Round 4
Bella does her trade mark Standing 69 on the sexy blond. She then leg lifts Alice up and down onto a dick on a stick then strap on fuck's Alice's asshole so good she makes Alice have 4 anal Orgasms while she tosses Ariel's Salad
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The Gold Digger

30/10/2014 в 17:21 PUBLISHDBY adult


Natasha Lynn is scheming to marry Big John for his money. His son, James Deen, finds out about her true motives and decides to teach her a lesson with sexual punishment and humiliation. This is a fun fantasy role play where Natasha gets an intense and very satisfying sexual BDSM experience.
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Emma Haize Tested & Fisted LIVE

30/10/2014 в 16:41 PUBLISHDBY adult


Charlotte Vale

30/10/2014 в 16:40 PUBLISHDBY adult


Service Sessions: The First House Slave

30/10/2014 в 15:55 PUBLISHDBY adult


Torn punches the clock on her first official day as a contracted House slave. First, a hard physical workout followed by a firm scrubbing to make her presentable for morning tea.

Serving the men in the lounge is not easy for Torn, especially with the butlers hawking her every move, just waiting for her to misstep. When she tries to serve the Master of the House with a light, cheap tray, her punishment leaves her ass spanked and glowing.
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