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The Russian Spy

26/07/2014 в 11:04 PUBLISHDBY adult


In this fantasy role play update, Alysa plays an innocent tourist who is captured by the government and accused of being a Russian spy. Two sex crazed officers, Mark Davis and Mick Blue, try to get information out of her through hard sexual punishment. Alysa's hidden sexual desires are explored in ecstasy as she is brutally fucked in every hole while in bondage. This shoot has great interaction with intense anal sex and bondage!
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Roxy's AMAZING ELECTRO Fucking! Double Penetration Fisting!

26/07/2014 в 11:03 PUBLISHDBY adult


Episode 2: Roxy Raye is one of my favorite girls to fuck. She has an amazing attitude and her holes are like rubber gloves. So, I give my good friend Aiden Starr to chance to slip her little hands inside Roxy Raye and turn her into her electro-sex-play-doll. Aiden took this opportunity and ran with it! (Or should I say fucked with it!) Wiring up our largest metal dildo, Aiden warms up, by lighting up, Roxy pussy and ass. But in Aiden's mind patience is not a virtue and quickly moves into fisting her now sopping wet cunt and her eager open asshole. However, all of this was just to stretch Roxy open and set her up for the grand finale. Aiden pulls out our most giant speculum (the speculum that puts all other speculums to shame) wires it up, grounds it to Roxy's body, stretches it open, then sits back and watches the electro-sparks fly!
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26/07/2014 в 10:22 PUBLISHDBY adult


Ginger our cute girl next door, nothing better than tying up a college student. Especially one who likes sex and bondage and pain. Pain most of all, as you will see. Bondage she likes, but pain gets her wet, very wet!
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Barn Bitch Beverly Hills

26/07/2014 в 10:20 PUBLISHDBY adult


PD has decided to keep Beverly Hills where animals belong, out in the barn. She is his bitch and he is going to treat her like one. She eats off the same floor she pisses on. PD is going to teach her a few tricks. She will learn how to take a cock in her tight, little snatch. Each one of the dildos is bigger than the last. If she is going to be worth anything she needs to be able to take anyone.

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Tall, Tanned, Thin All Natural Blond Babe Machine Nailed in her Pussy and Ass

26/07/2014 в 09:39 PUBLISHDBY adult


Victoria White is that dream cheer leader you went to college with - the perfect blond with handful-sized tits, tanned skin, long, strong legs and a constant football boyfriend.
We have her at our mercy today in the locker room.
She strips down, gets wet in the shower and stretches her pussy out on two dildos. We get you right up into her pussy with extreme close-ups from below of Victoria getting fucked. You can see it all - her clit swelling, her pussy stretching, her wet lips sucking on the cock.
Victoria shows off her love for anal too with a deep fucking from The Crystal Palace that gives her the most intense orgasm of the day.
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Kylie Wilde and Chanta-Rose

25/07/2014 в 16:28 PUBLISHDBY adult


Kylie and Chanta-Rose will have an "electrifying" slumber party at their friend Liz's house.
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